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History of S.S.#3 Limerick

Michael Conlin & Peter Kelly built the Ormsby Schoolhouse in 1921 for $1200. It replaced the first school, which had burned down earlier that year. In the interim school was held in the Catholic Church (across the highway).

class of 1929

The new school was built on the same foundation as the original but was designed with windows on the south and west sides only, this was the policy of the education authorities of that era. The north and east sides, subject to cold winter winds, were used for blackboard space. Since all students were forced to write with their right hands, the shadows cast by their hands from the natural light from the left did not cover their work.

class of 1939

Hydro and electric lights came to Ormsby in 1950. In the 1930's two chemical toilets were installed just inside the front door sharing space with two small cloakrooms and a teacher's room containing a small library. At some point the original tin ceilings and walls were covered with tongue and groove boards.

class of 1949

For a time two church groups, the Methodists and the Baptists, held services at the school alternating every other Sunday. Teachers included Gertie Gunter, Charles Maxwell, Hazel Graham, Albert Giles, Margaret (Kellar) Foster, Mr. Wells, Mrs. Bland, Mr. McKillican, Hazel Liddle, Mr. Hanes, Mrs. Jean Gordon, Alta Reid, Gerald Loynes, Jean Cummings & Gary Ellis who taught in 1963-64, the year SS#3 was closed.

class of 1959

Gus Mullen bought the school and stored hay in the building. Next Jean Park owned the school and rented it to a mining company. They were drilling in the area and used the space to analyse core samples. Later the school was used as a base camp for a student summer project and next for weekly flea markets. Though in rough shape the school was not significantly altered.

The school was restored during the summer of 1997 by Ernie & Debbie Pattison for their wedding reception. A kitchen addition was added in 2002 for the Tea Room.

photo album: restoration

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