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The Ridge Schoolhouse - 2001 and beyond

The project's goal is to restore the heritage structure to its original layout, returning the schoolhouse to its former importance in the community.

Once the building is restored to its original condition, it will be used:
  • to house local historical records, documents and artifacts
  • as a community centre for events and activities held by non-profit groups from The Ridge and the surrounding area
  • as a resource centre for local school children studying pioneer history
community picnic 1909

Community Picnic at the School - 1909

open house 2001

Open House at the School - 2001

We are hoping to restore and preserve tangible evidence of the efforts made by some of Wollaston and Lake Township's earliest pioneers and, at the same time, provide a useful centre for community functions, much the same as the school would have provided 113 years ago.

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