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Heritage Schoolhouse Restoration at The Ridge, Ontario

In the rural Ontario community of The Ridge, the Quinte Region Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, in partnership with local individuals and groups and the Canada Millennium Partnership Program, are in the process of restoring the 19th-century schoolhouse.

The project is headed by Ernest Pattison whose great-great-great grandfather was one of the first settlers to the area.

Based on early photos, Mr. Pattison's team will:

  • restore the building's stone foundation, window pattern and front porch entrance; repair and repaint the wood siding
  • remove overhead electric service, and install 200 amp underground service
  • clear brush from the surrounding yard and playground
exterior before exterior after

On the interior, the team will:

  • repair and convert the adjacent woodshed to accomodate kitchen and washroom facilities
  • upgrade the electrical, plumbing and heating systems, and add insulation throughout the entire building
  • reclaim the original slate and wooden plank blackboards
interior before interior after
Until work began, the building was almost invisible from the road, surrounded by brush and weeds. It was hard to imagine the scores of students once educated there, playing outside the one-room school before and after classes.

Financial assistance from the Canada Millenium Partnership Program was obtained during the Year 2000 Celebrations. Donations of funds, materials and labour are still being sought to help complete the remaining work. Members of the community and others who support the objectives of this project can send their tax deductible donations to:

The Ridge Schoolhouse Restoration
c/o P.O Box 232 Coe Hill
The Ridge, Ontario   K0L 1P0

Cheques should be made payable to:
The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario.
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